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vegan eating in india?

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Veganism is a wonderful way to eat, it’s super healthy and absolutely delicious. We at Vegan Diet India strive to bring you the best of the vegan healthstyle. We bring you the choicest of vegan recipes and experiences of people who’ve gone vegan and are loving it.

Vegan cheese?, vegan greek yoghurt?

Have you EVER seen these items in any super market in India? Chances are, if you’re like most of us, you haven’t, most websites on the internet tells you to buy Vegan cheese, vegan greek yoghurt or “some super exotic vegan item which will never come to India”. Living in India, you won’t find a ‘Vegan’ section or an ‘Organic’ section, this makes it all the more difficult to go Vegan. Any vegan in India has definitely been through this.

At Vegan Diet India is we ONLY mention things that can be found in India. We list specific websites/shops with Phone Numbers & Addresses in YOUR city where you can get vegan items. We want going vegan to be as easy as possible so that more people in our 1.3 bn people country can go Vegan.

For items that aren’t available, you can view recipes that will help you create these yummy, delicious and healthy dishes.

Indians are unique when compared to the world, our diet is significantly different from the rest of the world and recipes for Vegan Food in India are scarce. We do all the heavy lifting and bring you the best of Indian recipes in one single place so that you can you can just focus on being Vegan.

Here are some great places to get started

Vegan Recipes

Vegan Stores


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