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Coconut Milk – Cashew Milk – Almond Milk

Coconut Milk - Cashew Milk - Almond Milk Recipe Here A delicious recipe by Harshika Gudi This recipe is simple to follow, vegan milks couldn't be easier to make.

Vegan Scrambled Eggs without Tofu

Whether it's the English or us Indians, we all eat scrambled eggs(egg bhurji) in some form or the other, when vegan, it is just as...

Dairy Free Vegan Butter Milk

  One of the most depressing parts of going vegan is no longer being able to have buttermilk, well, fear no more, with this vegan...

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Vegan Cream

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Oil Free Vegan Tortillas in 5 Minutes

Being Indian, we all have probably made Rotis in our homes, a tortilla is just like a roti. Tortillas can be used for wraps....

Vegan Indian Masala Chai

Tea is beverage that people cannot go without, as a vegan, there is no need to give up tea, in fact, with this recipe...